2020 Emerging Filmmaker Award

Sponsored by the Portarlington Film Society

Join us in presenting the 2020 Emerging Filmmaker Award which recognises a Victoria filmmaker twenty-five years of age or younger.


This session includes the six finalists and finishes with the presentation of the award and screening of the winning film.

Australian Classification Board Rating: MA 15+


Session opens on 14 November at 7:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

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Sit back and enjoy the six finalists in the North Bellarine Film Festival 2020 Emerging Filmmaker Award.



And the finalists are...

7. The Traveller

In the near future, an isolated man is tortured by his precious memories.

Directed by Robert J. D'Ottavi

6. Play Along

As Samantha attempts to keep up with the rapid changes of her new high school, she is convinced that in order to fit in, she must successfully summon a demon.

Directed by Michael Hollis

5. Hound

Elijah, a son haunted by his past, travels the long distance to his father's remote and isolated camper-trailer in the countryside. His arrival is too late, as he discovers the man has been devoured by his own solitude. 

Directed by Liam Fouracre

4. Don't

Matt is a bully, but he's also a victim. As the bullying continues. support comes from his sister Em who can see him headed to a dark place. In the end, Matt must make a choice that will define him.

Directed by Jordan Blanch

3. Driver

An alcoholic living in his car struggles to cope with his addiction and the pressure to provide for his loved ones.

Directed by Jonah Elias

2. Backing Up Bilitis

Seventeen-year-old closeted Jane creates an underground event in the basement of her suburban home, all on the brink of Melbourne's first gay liberation movement.

Directed by Abbie Pobjoy

1. And the winner of the North Bellarine Film Festival 2020 Emerging Filmmaker Award is...

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