Documentary Film Session


A selection of some of the best documentaries from around the world.

Australian Classification Board Rating: MA 15+

Session opens on 13 November at 7:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time

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Lament (Australia/Canada)
A poetic snapshot of a woman dealing with being separated from her family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Directed by Kimberley Wells


Cristian (Chile)

Cristian remembers the stars in the sky before he went blind as a child. Now he reaches for them as a Paralympic champion.

Directed by Doulas Bernardt and Filipe Zapelini


Maria’s Way (UK/Spain)

Maria is upholding a thirty-year tradition of counting pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Despite encountering some difficult wayfarers, Maria nobly continues her task.

Directed and edited by Anne Milne


Refuge (Greece)

They kiss the ground where human life is valued. Syrians on the threshold of European life pull the curtain on loves and lives lost forever.

Directed by Matthew K Firpo


Rosa – These Storms (USA/Guatemala)

27-year-old Rosa grew up in Peña Blanca, Guatemala—and, like most women in her rural village, was discouraged from attending school. Her story is one of redemption ultimately. She talks about being pregnant, rejected by her family, and left alone to seek care and support.

Directed by Hannah Gregg and Sean Kusanagi


Sand Men (UK)

With their loved ones depending on them, three men from Romania try to survive on London’s streets by creating melancholic sand sculptures.

Directed by Tal Amiran


The Good Shepherd (France)

“The shepherd is part of the mountain. But without my wife, I don’t think there’d be any of this.”

Directed by Florias Gallay


The Prodigy (US/Russia)

Even in her sleep, the ballet haunts Olga Smirnova. But you’ll understand why she’s a prodigy: No one is left unmoved after watching her dance.

Directed by Michael Sugrue


Hands Free (USA)

Sure, rock ‘n’ roll is a vicious game, but Mark Goffeney wins game, set and match against cynicism.

Directed by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales