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Dinner & Short Film Night at the National Wool Museum

North Bellarine Film Festival is pleased to partner with the National Wool Museum in Geelong to provide a night of food and film at the museum.


The program has been curated to ensure a great night's entertainment with films produced by Australian and international filmmakers including Zac Marrinan, Dan Walls, Rikard Westman, Ainur Turganbayeva, Thomas Broadbent, Alvaro Rozas Leiva and Angus Molden.

Begin your evening with a two-course meal at Black Sheep Restaurant then join award-winning Melbourne based filmmaker, Thomas Broadbent as he speaks about the art of good storytelling and his film Negatives.

As the lights go down, settle in to experience captivating films surrounded by fellow film enthusiasts. Our carefully curated selection of eight Australia and international short films guarantees an evening filled with laughter, suspense, and heartfelt moments.

Whether you're a film buff, a food lover, or simply looking for a fun night out, the North Bellarine Film Festival Film and Dinner Night promises an unforgettable experience. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the art of film and enjoy a delightful dining experience in the heart of Geelong!

Bookings essential - book online now



5:30pm  Two course meal and drink in Black Sheep Restaurant, National Wool Museum

6:30pm  Doors open and pre-drinks in the Museum Lounge with paid bar by Black Sheep

7:00pm  Question and Answer session with Special Guest Thomas Broadbent

7:30pm   Film Screening

9:15pm   Last drinks

10:00pm Event closes


Two course dinner

  • $50 per person

  • Entree - Lemon Pepper Calamari with roquette and citrus aioli [gf, df] - Wood Fried Garlic Pizza with rosemary and mozzarella [v, gfo, vgo]

  • Main - Mediterranean spiced roasted half chicken with fresh herbs and chilli [gf, d f]

  • Sides - Triple cooked chat potatoes [gf,df] - Sauteed seasonal greens [gf, vgo]

  • Drink - a schooner of tap beer, glass of house red or white or sparkling each.


Film sessions

Session 1

  • Animal Work - directed by Zac Marrinan (7 minutes) - Comedy - Australia
    The film follows an anxious young man as he goes to a group therapy session. However, the session takes a strange and unexpected turn when the other attendees get in touch with their wild sides.

  • Beta Days directed by Dan Walls (10 minutes) - Romantic Comedy - Australia
    Set in Melbourne, the film takes you back a few decades where it is another quiet Saturday night at Tinseltown Tapes, one of the last video libraries in town. Old Mick the owner gives his young shop assistant Matt some advice on life, love and being bold after announcing the shop's closure. So, will Matt take his last chance to ask out the customer he has an unrequited crush on?

  • Dress Code directed by Rikard Westman (3 minutes) - Comedy - Sweden
    Dress Code shows what happens when a lonely man seeks another, asking for something … particular? Don’t miss the last 30 seconds.

  • Kok Etik directed by Ainur Turganbayeva (13 minutes) - Drama - Kazakhstan
    A short film which tells the story of a disabled shoemaker who is secretly in love with a girl from the opposite window. However, his desperate love remains silent...


Session 2

  • Negatives directed by Thomas Broadbent (15 minutes) - Drama - Australia
    Negatives is a tribute to film photography’s resurgence starring Jana Zvedeniuk as ‘Shay’, a film lab technician who begins to suspect a client is displaying predatory behaviour in his photography.

  • The Girl in the Red Dress and Yellow Hat directed by Alvaro Rozas Leiva (13 minutes) - Animation - Chile
    A beautifully crafted animated film. Every night a mysterious girl in red dress and yellow hat, passionately throws herself on Pablo's arms at the train station, the trouble is that he is in love with his wife.

  • The Hitchhiker directed by Angus Molden (10 minutes) - Drama - Australia
    A short film drama about a young man who finds himself on winding country roads, desperately seeking a lift that will take him as far away as possible. Salvation arrives in the form of an enigmatic stranger who reveals little of himself beyond an occasional monosyllabic answer. With the soundtrack of a rapidly developing and tragic news story playing out over the radio, we follow their journey and try to anticipate just where these mismatched travelling companions will find themselves at the end of the day.


Session 3

  • The Music Lesson directed by Peter Venne (20 minutes) - Comedy/Drama - Canada
    Seb, a mariachi musician by night and guitar teacher by day, is by all accounts a failed artist. Like a ghost wandering through his own life, Seb follows outside expectations and comically drifts further away from his dream of becoming a songwriter. A chance friendship with a budding musician and self- proclaimed 'sabotage' artist inspires him to reflect on his life and confront his fears.


26 October 2023, 05:30 PM - 10:00 PM



  • National Wool MuseumWadawurrung Country, 26-32 Moorabool Street, Geelong VIC 3220



  • Admit one: $50.00 Film viewing only

  • Adult: $50.00  Two course dinner and drink

  • Other/More Information: $40.00Early bird special for film viewing - until 30 September 2023

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