Focus on Australia Short Film Session

A selection of the best Australian short films.

Australian Classification Board Rating: MA 15+

Session opens on 13 November at 7:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time

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*- Australian Premiere

#- World Premiere

Stories from the Smoke

A man experiences frustration and powerlessness waiting for the 2019-2020 bushfires to reach his home in the Blue Mountains.

Directed by Daniel Merson


* Dear Mum

A new relationship is tested in isolation as heartache lies beneath.

Directed by Daniel Cahill


* Accio Love

A woman’s chance at love with her best friend, a fellow Harry Potter nerd, is derailed by the office mean girl and by a bully from her tragic past.

Directed by Joel Stephen Fleming and Melanie Hayward



An escaped asylum seeker encounters a man on a rural beach and must decide whether to trust him or attempt the 400 km journey to the nearest city on foot with her baby.

Director by Alies Sluiter



A young man returns home to complete a task for his reticent father - living on the farm with their old blue heeler, Duke. Wounds from the past surface upon his return and the relationship between father and son is tested. This film is adapted from the short story Blood and Bone by Lisa Jacobson.

Directed by Joseph Betros


* Egg

A young mother suffering from the uncontrollable anxiety of postnatal depression must confront her struggle with motherhood, coming to terms with her transformed reality in order to survive.

Directed by Esther Yong



When Detective Natalie Schultz begins investigating the disappearance of 9-month old Olivia Bradbury, she soon discovers that the parents are hiding more than they are letting on.

Directed by William Jackson



A young boy is taken to a country hospital by his dismissive parents. Lloyd soon realises more harm is being done than good.

Directed by Asuka Sylvie


# Recollection

An exhausted poet returns home to comfort her mother who suffers from early-onset dementia.

Directed by Taylor Adams and Jesse Leaman


One, Two

Maddy, a shy first generation migrant wants to pursue her passion for football.

Directed by Rachel Chen


The Hitchhiker

The soundtrack of a rapidly developing and tragic news story broadcasting on a car radio is the background for a young hitchhiker who accepts a lift from an enigmatic stranger.

Directed by Angus Molden

The Egg

During her visits with her elderly babysitter, a young girl becomes obsessed with a delicious looking Easter egg.

Directed by Jane Cho