International Short Film Session

A collection of short films from world cinema.

Australian Classification Board Rating: MA 15+

Session opens on 13 November at 7:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time

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*- Australian Premiere

* Sleuth (Ireland)

Jake’s family has been up to some suspicious behaviour and he decides it’s time to do some detective work.

Directed by Leah Moore and Douglas Reddan

* Amal (Italy)
Amal is alone in the world, existing on the outskirts of a city in an old car he has made into a home. The memory of his wife haunts him and his only solution is to find a new life. Soon he realises that the only journey to make is within himself.

Directed by Matteo Russo and Antonio Buscema

Black Coffee (USA)
A woman and a man sitting in a coffee shop toy with the idea of a simple kiss between strangers.

Directed by Vito Lyles

Krampon (Cleats) (Turkey)
Ilyas and Ahmet are close friends. Emir, a refugee, completes their gang. Ilyas and Emir want to try out for the football team. On the tryout morning one of Ilyas’s cleats drops in the river. When Ilyas and Ahmet try to retrieve it, Emir surprises them. 

Directed by Abdullah Sahin


Just a Drill (USA)

An overworked teacher in an under-funded classroom battles impossible choices when an active shooter drill becomes a horrifying reality.

Directed by Julianne Donelle


* Manège (USA)
A perfectionist ballerina obsessively recreates her day over and over to improve her technique so that she can successfully land the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in her company’s production of The Nutcracker.

Directed by Meghan Smith


Shoebox (Ireland)
In the midst of a housing crisis, a young mother struggles to provide her charitable daughter with a more stable home than she had.

Directed by Gary Duggan


* Tick (Germany)
Before burn-out has burned out, it is a flame. And Jane is on fire. She is a very disciplined and ambitious young woman. Her days consist of going to work and ticking off her never ending to-do-lists. She doesn't realise how the flame starts to consume her and how she loses sight of everything around her.

Directed by Fabienne Priess and Levin Tamoj