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Did you know that more than 70 languages are spoken in Geelong?


Join the NBFF and the National Wool Museum in Geelong for an evening of curated short films and multicultural tastes of our rich and diverse community with special guest, film director Rachel Chen.


Enjoy an exclusive after-hours viewing of Cultural Bridges: Four Decades of Pako Festa, a two-course meal plus desserts from local multi-cultural community groups.


This night of film will feature Rachel discussing her own experiences as a first generation Chinese Australian as well as her short film One, Two which will be screened on the night.


About One, Two

One, Two centres around the protagonist Maddy, a shy and introverted first generation migrant who wants to pursue her passion for AFL. This film captures the experience that many first-generation Australians can relate to as they join in their local community.

Copy of MADDY16.jpg

Mathilda Kwok as Maddy in One,Two

About Rachel

Rachel Chen, born in Carlton, Victoria is a first generation Australian. Her parents migrated from China in the 90s, bringing with them a wealth of Chinese culture.


As a filmmaker, Rachel is interested in developing stories which are unconventional, unexpected yet grounded in its familiar themes. Films of a narrative or experimental nature, as well as genres such as science-fiction and drama shape her storytelling ethos. Grounded within these stories and ideas are a prevailing sense of family, love and connection. It is Rachel's belief that such values must coexist and compliment films which seek to escape conventional cinema boundaries - whether that be in the form of cinematography, mise-en-scene or narrative and character developments,


Rachel's Chinese background has only recently begun influencing her filmmaking, weaving childhood memories, habits and stories into the stories she will tell now, and into the future.


Tickets are on sale now. Early bird pricing until 16 April.

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